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Biokinesis - The method to reprogram the upper posture

Improving the posture helps provide elasticity and a diffuse a sensation of lightness which increases the general wellbeing. It is possible to re-educate the body to smooth and correct movements with a highly beneficial effect on the bearing.

The postural diagnosis is considered in the treatment for the prevention of pain in the skeletal system, functional disorders and postural alterations, particularly for patients who undergo the traditional thermal treatments such as Mud therapy, Bath therapy and Inhalations.

The postural diagnosis allows for the identification of the causes that have led to the above-mentioned problems and it provides the most suitable therapeutic solution for each patient.

Therefore, the therapeutic protocol is specifically studied for each patient to give a fast and efficient solution to the problem.

The target of the treatment is to give a long-lasting global beneficial effect and significantly reduce the use of pain-killing drugs.

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