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The Euganean Hills

A universe to be discovered.

Protected since 1989 by a Regional Park, the Euganean Hills cover nearly 20,000 hectares.

The sequence of 81 hills of varying heights and shapes creates a particular landscape that immediately catches the traveller’s eye no matter what direction he is coming from.

There are also so many towns with historic and artistic monuments that can be reached over easily accessible roadways or charming paths set deep in the greenery.
Indeed when travelling these paths on horseback, by bicycle or even on foot one perceives the tranquillity of the surrounding area.

In the Euganean Hills the famous Veneto wine-growing tradition lives on. There are a full 13 “D.O.C.” (Denomination of Controlled Origin) wines.

The Euganean Hills hold the vestiges of human civilization that dates as far back as prehistoric times.

Indeed, the first settlements date from the Paleolithic age and numerous “traces” of these times are on display in various archaeological museums.

During Roman times the entire area saw great development with the creation of  roadways and the introduction of new crops. Even then the beauty of the Euganean Hills inspired the genius of Martial and Juvenal.

The castles and towns recount memories of a more affluent age.

Evidence of the influence of the nearby art cities and seigniories of the Veneto region can be seen in the many buildings throughout the area that preserve that atmosphere of the Renaissance.

Here one can imagine life in the times of the Estensi court or wander through the sumptuous villas owned by the nobles of the XV century Republic of Venice, their splendour still ablaze.

And even human activity is preserved to ensure a perfect balance in the ecosystem: craftsagriculture and wine-growing continue developing, offering the guests of the Euganean Hills unique, wholesome products.