Children from 3 to 11 years old:
Children from 0 to 2 years old:


Ayurveda, science of life.

Practicing Ayurveda begins with discovering the principles, laws, and mechanisms that regulate individual life and cosmic life.

The practical part of Ayurveda involves all spheres of life, from the body to the senses, from the mind to consciousness, in order to restore the balance with nature that resides in one’s own individual dimension.

Our Ayurvedic massages:

  • Abhyanga massage - complete massage on the entire body in accordance with the individual dosha
  • Ratna Abhyanga treatment - carried out with the energy of crystals, semi-precious stones and essential oils
  • Pada Abhyanga - well-being for your feet
  • Shiro Abhyanga treatment - massage of the head
  • Shirodhara treatment - treatment with warm essential oils poured with a constant flow on the forefront
  • Pindasweda treatment - with soft warm bags filled with herbs
  • Art Reum massage - specific massage to treat backaches
  • Kapha - against fat and strong cellulite
  • Udara - against stomach swelling
  • Swedana - steam bath
  • Garshan - draining treatment
  • Gemstone - face treatment 
  • Netra - cleansing and rejuvenating eye treatment
  • Kundalini - massage made along the axis of the of the spinal column 
  • Tibetan bowls sound massage