Children from 3 to 11 years old:
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Inhalation Therapy

Breathe deeply!

Thermal water of Abano and Montegrotto is widely used for inhalation therapies.

In recent years, deteriorating environmental conditionssmogpollution, and both first-hand and second-hand smoking have to led to a rise in the number of persons with respiratory disorders.

The Abano and Montegrotto Spas are also famous for other spa treatments such as inhalation therapies, administering the spa water through misting, inhalation, aerosol, nasal irrigation and micronized showers for ear, nose and throat disorders.

At our hotel, our guests will find a new department to get inhalations and aerosol: special instruments break up mineral water particles, they nebulize them and turn them into an efficient treatment for upper and lower respiratory tract disorders for the prevention and treatment of chronic pathologies.

This type of treatment is also suitable for children; sitting on their mom's lap, they can breathe these micro particles and have the benefits of a natural and non-invasive therapy