Thermal Baths

Euganean Thermal Water - Unique natural resource

The Euganean spa waters belong to the category of deep underground waters, and their precious uniqueness is assured during their long journey upwards before reaching the Euganean surfacing areas.

From the Lessini mountains in the pre-Alps, flowing into subsoil through the limestone at a depth of 3000 meters, thermal water comes alive, gushing out in the picturesque lands of the Euganean Spas.

It takes 30 years of silent flowing for its gradual enhancement and transformation into marvellous bromide and iodide salt hyperthermal water and a surface temperature of 87° to be reached.

The special composition of thermal waters of Abano and Montegrotto and its natural warm temperature have an effect on muscle relaxation which can ease any pain. The thermal bath is indicated above all for joints, vs painful conditions, muscolar atrophy and it is a very important post-traumatic
rehabilitation following traumas, fractures and surgery, helping to shorten recovery times for over-fatigued or traumatized joints.

Balneotherapy - Wrapped in thermal warmth

Balneotherapy, with or without hydromassage, is a relaxing immersion of the body in a single tub filled with sodiobromidiodic thermal waters at a
temperature of 36-38°C for 15 minutes, meant to be repeated, according to scientific studies, once per day over a period of 12 days.

The treatment facilitates all activities of the body joints and helps to heal the chronic inflammatory processes.

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Thermal Mud

Thermal Mud

Thermal Baths
Thermal Water

Thermal Water

Thermal Baths


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