Thermal Mud

Mudtherapy: a ritual of the unique healing power

Mud is a natural resource that matches:

  • a solid element (clay)
  • a liquid element (bromide and iodide salt water)
  • a biological element (micro-organisms)

The clay is collected in special tanks for 50-60 days during which mud is kept in constant contact with a steady flow of thermal water, this is called
the maturation process. The temperature, the chemical components in the thermal waters and the peculiar Euganean micro-climate affect the 
development of particular strains of microbes, modifying the chemical and chemical-physical properties and imparting the therapeutic
properties that make these muds so unique.

Research and science at the service of health

Scientific research has shown that the active principles in the mud are more effective than non steroidal antinflammatory drugs and they do not
have side effects. It is a natural richness that only the Euganean territory can claim.

Mudtherapy: a ritual of the unique healing power

Mudtherapy involves four basic steps:

  • mud application
  • thermal water bath
  • sweat reaction
  • tonifying massage

The mud is applied, through a massage, on the skin at a temperature between 38°C and 42°C and it is left in place for a period of time between 15’
and 20’ followed by a hot shower with thermal water. After a relaxing thermal water bath at a temperature of 36°-38° C for approximately 8-15
minutes, you get wrapped into warm towels to boost up sweating, ending the biological effects of mudtherapy.
A massage by a thermal expert ends the treatment, helping well your skin circulation.


Prevent and treat osteoarthritis and osteoporosis: mud therapy, a scientifically proven natural treatment

Mud therapy is effective in the prevention and treatment of pain and inflammation related to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Scientific
studies have shown that any substance produced by micro-organisms colonizing older mud will act positively on inflammation and
any damage of articular cartilage. Moreover, mud therapy combined with body exercise, allows the preservation and improvement
of bone mineral density, reaching the same improvement people usually get from medication. Mudtherapy

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