Breathe good air, but above all breathe clean air!

The choice of the SPA & Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo: Breathe good air, but above all breathe clean air!

The perceived comfort in hotels is the first value that, if inadequate to expectations, can ruin the entire stay. One of the most important elements is the level of the indoor air quality. At the SPA & Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo it was decided to improve this aspect by implementing the ventilation systems of the entire house in a new way. We are talking about a specific certified technology for air decontamination: purification takes place without any chemical additives thanks to an advanced oxidation process induced by cold plasma. The system guarantees the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria! The air purifiers used at the SPA & Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo are also excellent for eliminating bad odors dispersed in the air. Guests who enter a room with an air purifier immediately recognize and appreciate the commitment to their well-being.


Providing this air sanitation and purification service is a way to stand out and further raise the standard, in line with the exclusivity that guests expect from the home.

Living a healthy holiday, in an exclusive and sanitized suite as if it had never been lived by anyone before.

Experience deep relaxation in an exciting SPA, treated with dedication and attention, where you can breathe in truly clean air.

This is the proposal of the SPA & Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo!


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Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo
Via Roma 54
35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD) Italy
Phone: +39.0498911777
Fax: +39.0498910488


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