Biostimulation, natural perfection

A new frontier of non-invasive aesthetic medicine

Taking care of one's image in today's society is an indispensable up-to-date condition, which increasingly involves both men and women.

The daily beauty routine is an excellent habit to indulge in to keep the skin hydrated, elastic and luminous and certainly the consultation with the periodic and regular intervention of a beauty specialist must be inextricably combined with home care.

The fact remains that contemporary men and women often seek an aesthetic canon that can be assimilated to perfection, which knows no age or social dimension, which is why, alongside the custom of celebrating one's beauty daily through skin-care gestures, the channel of aesthetic medicine is increasingly in demand.

A new frontier of aesthetic medicine is proposed as a remedy for those small defects that you want to smooth out, eliminate or fill: non-invasive aesthetic medicine, almost without contraindications, with a lasting and immediate effect and above all with a result that is as natural as possible.

How is it possible? Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid, a constituent of the skin that permeates the epidermis and lies where it is needed in an absolutely natural way.

The type of treatment to be performed is absolutely measurable and customizable in the initial consultation phase with the competent and specialized doctor, after assessing the state and depth of the signs.

A possible solution is biorevitalization, suitable for younger or particularly dehydrated skin, for slight imperfections due to a prolonged period of stress or for smokers.

The biorevitalization uses a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which guarantees a rested effect and a relaxed face; the procedure consists of painless micro-injections spread over the entire surface of the face.

The effect is visible but does not distort the expression or profile; the result lasts for a few months accompanied by the classic daily care and hydration, possibly with anti-aging cosmetic products.

The wonder of these beauty "interventions" is given by the fact that one hour after the treatment you can be exposed to the sun or you can safely take a bath in the pool, without precluding anything from your activities.

Looking into life with the confidence of your appearance is an unmissable opportunity, to enjoy your days with enthusiasm and positivity!


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