Tecniche Fisioterapiche


The experience from the traditions for wellbeing

In addition to the spa, we also have a selection of proposals that aim at restoring the physical balance of the body such as its correct posture and inclination.

A series of exercises is designed to educate the person on how to obtain the correct movements.
The program includes sessions of physiotherapy and hydrokinesitherapy and, possibly, the combinations with other therapeutic body treatments carried out by qualified therapists.

Percorsi fisoterapici


Min. 50    € 80,00


Min. 45    € 85,00

Global Postural Assessment

€ 140,00

Therapeutic massage

Particularly recommended for those who suffer from osteoarticular problems. Normally recommended by the medical staff, in order to identify the part of the body to be treated.


Min. 25    € 58,00
Min. 50    € 80,00

Myofascial release

The therapist addresses the tissue barrier for resistance by feeling tightness, restrictions and adhesions in any plane that may be causing pain or dysfunction. Myofascial Release is a form of soft tissue therapy used to treat somatic dysfunction and accompanying pain and motion restriction. This is accomplished by relaxing contracted muscles increasing circulation and venous lymphatic drainage. This treatment stimulates the stretch reflex of muscles giving long-lasting benefits.


Min. 50   € 85,00

Connective massage

Deep Massage to revitalize cells and oxygenate tissues. The deep tissue massage tecniques may improve chronic degenerative alterations and rebalance the posture.


Min. 50  € 80,00


Specific massage stimulating the lymphatic system activity and promoting the elimination of water that causes swelling and pain. It can be carried out on the legs, on the body or on the face.


Min. 25   € 58,00

Min. 50   € 80,00

Min. 80   € 120,00 

Plantar reflexology

The energy meridians that cross our body arrive to the feet, where each organ mirrors itself. By stimulating the nerve endings on the sole of the foot all the toxins will be eliminated, the correct circulation of the vital energy restored and the general balance recovered.


Min. 25   € 58,00

Min. 50   € 80,00

Cranio Sacral therapy

Therapeutic treatment with an important pain-killing effect carried out by ultra light pressures in order to balance the entire body structure, the energetic flow and the cerebrospinal fluid.


Min. 50   € 85,00


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