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Spa & Hotel Terme Esplanade Tergesteo

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be differentCoco Chanel


Patricia Gruber, a young hotelier of Austrian origins, gives identity and leads the Spa & Hotel Terme Esplanade Tergesteo; her unmistakable and modern female touch makes each room unique, carefully selecting every smallest detail as everything were meant for herself and her own home.

Designer objects, original art works of different materials come together to create an exclusive environment.

Patricia’s ecofriendly mentality has led her to select eco-sustainable materials in the furnishings of rooms as well as limit the use of plastic anywhere.



The Spa & Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo is not only a feast for the eyes for it is also based on the idea that thenguest’s privacy is to be preserved and the presence of the staff must be discreet.

The goal is to give a feeling of wellbeing and soft hospitality and abandon the old concept of cold and pristine lux. Anybody who stays there will feel they are living in the home of their dreams: a place where comfort combines perfectly with an atmosphere of natural elegance.



Each guest deserves a fulfilling and memorable experience.

The young and dynamic staff of Spa & Hotel Terme Esplanade Tergesteo is ready to anticipate any need discreetly and be always helpful for anything you might need during your stay. The kind smile of our staff will be the constant presence in your holiday.