Uniko Bio

Locally sourced wellness at Well54
The unique power of Uniko Bio mud detoxifies the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and is a valuable aid in fighting cellulite, draining edema or reducing swelling.
Applied to the skin of the face, it offers a new glow and a sensation of immediate lightness.

Uniko Bio: the signature treatment of
the Esplanade Tergesteo
Uniko Bio Head & Hair

An exclusive treatment based on our unique thermal mud to decrease hair loss and give your hair a healthy look.
A pampering treatment suitable for both men and women consisting of the application of a natural mask and a pack on the scalp, followed
by gentle cleansing and massaging.
A simple but effective treatment suitable also for treating oily skin.

50 min. € 105.00
€ 145.00 – In combination with blow-dry

Uniko Bio-Face - Detox and illuminating

The combination of mud and thermal water creates a precious mask that is applied to the face.
The aim is the stimulation of cell regeneration and give new brightness and firmness to the skin.
A gentle initial cleansing, followed by a peeling will prepare the skin for the application of the thermal mud mask. During laying, relaxing maneuvers will relax your neck, arms and hands.
Finally, a relaxing massage with mango butter will reactivate the microcirculation and will eliminate swelling.
Also recommended for men, after shaving before carrying out the treatment.

50 min. € 95.00
80 min. € 135.00 – In combination with Oxy Hi-Tech
80 min. € 145.00 – In combination with Radiofrequency Hi-Tech

Water Dren Uniko - Refreshing treatment for light and relaxed legs

Bandaging of the lower limbs with Uniko Bio mud enriched with essential oils with a draining effect. A toning massage with cold stones will follow and refresh.
Effective for counteracting and eliminating swelling and giving lightness to tired legs.
Ideal in the summer or after a busy day, for those who have a sedentary job or, on the contrary, spend the day on their feet.

50 min. € 105.00