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"Zero-Mile" Well-being Philosophy

Because Tradition is an Innovation!

The “Zero-Mile” Well-being Philosophy explains the wish to rediscover our origins, coming back to nature and taking advantage from our precious thermal resource, our Fango UNIKO Bio.
This line of treatments is really “home-made” and completely natural, it is suitable for all skin types.
Thermal mud and water are very useful to detox the skin and helps it to regenerate new cells, naturally eliminating the dead ones.
Applied on the body, our Fango UNIKO Bio has a specific draining action, also fighting against cellulite.
This Philosophy is traditional but new, to make the difference in an authentic way!

Benessere Corpo e Lakshmi Selection

Uniko Bio Face

Detox and Brightening

In this treatment the thermal water is used as an hydrating serum combined with a Fango Uniko Bio mask, which stimulates the cell regeneration. The facial skin will be deeply cleaned and will have a healthier appearance. In the second part of the treatment a light relaxing lymphodraining facial massage will reactivate circulation.
It is suitable also for men.


Min. 50   € 95,00
Min. 80   € 135,00 In combination with Oxy Hi-Tech 
Min. 80   € 145,00 In combination with Radiofrequency Hi-Tech

Uniko Bio Ritual

Relaxing and regenerating

This ritual awakens your five senses and embraces your emotional sphere, thanks to some light touch it will take the daily routine stress far away. A warm towel with thermal serum and scented essential oils will soften your face, meanwhile a mix of Fango Uniko Bio and precious oils will deeply work purifying your skin. An energizing massage will give you a new elasticity and your face will have a younger and more relaxed appereance.


Min. 50   € 105,00
Min. 80   € 140,00 In combination with Oxy Hi-Tech
Min. 80   € 150,00 In combination with Radiofrequency Hi-Tech

Uniko Bio Slim

Draining and reducing

A partial body treatment with a draining and reducing effect. A special Fango Uniko Esplanade mask will be applied on your body (you can choose if on the abdomen, or on front legs, or on back legs): the mud application will help your circulation to be more reactive, the unpleasant orange peel effect will be visibly reduced.
Three applications are suggested


Min. 25   € 65,00  Body mask
Min. 50   € 115,00 Body mask and massage

Water Dren Uniko


It is a leg bandage using thermal water and aromatherapy. This is very useful to drain swellings. A pleasant refreshing massage will be carried out with cold stones: your legs will be light and fresh. This treatment is ideal during the hot season, but also for those who do a sedentary work.


Min. 50   € 105,00


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