Colline del Prosecco
Just over an hour from the Esplanade Tergesteo - Luxury Retreat

Between the Prosecco bubbles and the local food and wine delights, the splendid hills of Valdobbiadene, recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site, offer a unique location rich in excellence and beauty.

  • Italian wines and bubbles of the highest quality are always available for exclusive tastings at the many open cellars in the area.
    Easy to reach amid the Valdobbiadene Hills are also the centers of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, which are certainly worth a visit.

  • The denomination of the Valdobbiadene hills as a Unesco World Heritage Site represents an important recognition as proof of the internationally recognized importance not only to the Italian artistic heritage but also to the naturalistic one.

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Euganean Hills
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