Ligne St. Barth

Multisensory treatments
at the Esplanade Tergesteo – Luxury Retreat

Ligne Saint Barth offers multisensory and engaging rituals with the refined elixirs that use exotic oils and fragrances extracted from Caribbean flowers of tiarè, lily or pure vanilla essence, all accompanied by a slow and deep massage.

Ligne St. Barth
Pureness - Facial Treatment

Face and décolleté treatment with hand massage, customized for all skin types.
Luxuriate in an exceptionally gentle treatment that will pamper your face and neck; enjoy the fresh fragrances of these natural elixirs! Your skin will be left feeling clean, fresh and smooth. Also suitable for men.

50 min. € 90.00

Softness - Body Peeling and Massage

Body peeling for those who want a smooth and velvety skin.
Papaya enzymes, fresh yoghurt, coconut and special Caribbean
beach sand will remove the dead skin cells. Pure avocado oil will leave your skin nourished thanks to a relaxing massage. This is the ideal treatment for a long-lasting and uniform tan.

50 min. € 110.00

Slimness - Lymphatic drainage and slimming wrap

Fast relief and drainage for beautiful and slim legs.
The ivy gel stimulates the circulation and promotes drainage reinforcing the venous structure and stimulating the lymphatic system. Menthol and camphor oil activate microcirculation and have a refreshing and revitalizing effect.

50 min. € 105.00

Ocean dream - Deep Relaxation Massage

An exclusive deep relaxation body treatment using hot shells and avocado oil.
It gently releases tension and relieves stress, it also moisturizes and nourishes the skin with valuable minerals and vitamins.

50 min. € 110.00

Harmony - Sensory massage

Enjoy a gentle relaxing massage.
You can choose from coconut oil for intensive moisturizing, avocado oil for particularly delicate skin, or ivy and menthol gel to reinforce the skin tissue. To complete this sensory experience, a touch of body lotion with the fragrance of vanilla or tiaré flower or lily.

50 min. € 110.00