"Signature" rituals

We can call it a return to origins; in a world where we tend to complicate, we simplify. We take our thermal mud, which brings
with it a thousand-year-old history and benefits, and we apply it directly to your body, creating a harmonious bond between the
past and the present, between the earth and your skin.


Thermal mud in a detoxification version
Body Express Ritual

A revitalizing peeling, perfect when the season is changing, before taking a body treatment or getting our exclusive mud therapy.
Awaken your skin with the purifying power of our thermal mud.

Min. 25 € 50.00

Facial Express Ritual

A quick treatment, but with a “wow” effect result. Beauty begins with facial care, and we offer you a quick way to achieve a radiant
and youthful appearance.
It includes cleansing, the application of the thermal mud mask and, in the meantime, a delicate hand or foot massage.

Min. 25 € 50.00

Our "Beauty secret"

For an all-encompassing sensation of well-being and to prepare your skin for all subsequent treatments, treat yourself to both

Min. 50 € 95.00