Vital Rooms & Suites
Esplanade Tergesteo Hotel

It’s the details that make the difference.
You will be captivated by the details, the contemporary design furnishings and the sophisticated accents of these recently created rooms that express our hotel concept, offering a bespoke experience in the comfort of modern and welcoming luxury.

Vital Room & Suite:
Vital SPA Suite
An exclusive suite with private Finnish sauna and heated mini pool on the terrace.
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Vital Executive Suite 06
An inimitable suite with open bathroom and sauna.
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Vital Suite
A new way of experiencing a holiday, with elegance and style.
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Vital Room
The practicality of a smaller room, with impeccable taste.
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Vital Executive Suite 10
Where emotions find their true expression.
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Vital Executive Suite
The pleasure of ample spaces and a well-designed floorplan.
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Vital Junior Suite
An intimate and exclusive luxury suite in a petite version.
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