Thermal Pools

Wellness comes from water
The thermal water pools are the highlight of Esplanade Tergesteo – Luxury Retreat; they make this refuge an ensemble of nature, harmony and well-being.
Open every day until 11:00 pm

White Pool
The exclusive outdoor swimming pool of
Esplanade Tergesteo - Luxury Retreat
  • The outdoor White Pool connects to the indoor pool, and is surrounded by the greenery of a large and well-tended garden.
    It is a totally white pool built with cutting-edge materials.
    From the pristine white background, a spacious and original lagoon emerges, equipped with several loungers in the water where you can fully enjoy moments of relaxation while lapped by the warmth of the water.
    On the slow river, guests can let themselves be carried gently by the calm current or explore it against the current for an invigorating experience.

  • Numerous hydro massage stations will allow you to indulge in an experience by yourself or as a couple in elegant seclusion.
    In the evening, the flame of the central fireplace that rises from the water creates a truly unique atmosphere, enhanced by the play of light.

  • The pool is also at the forefront in terms of safety and hygiene: it is in fact equipped with an innovative chlorination system that guarantees the elimination of any viruses and / or bacteria.
    The water temperature is always pleasant: it is kept at about 35°-36° C, while in the summer it is cooled down to 33° C.

Indoor Pool
Shades of colour
  • The beautiful indoor pool of Esplanade Tergesteo – Luxury Retreat has thermal water, is generous in size and very impressive.
    The alternating play of coloured lights fascinate the eye and guarantee a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.
    You can indulge in relaxation in the various hydro massage stations, but also in the areas with chaise loungue by the pool.
    The water temperature is always comfortable and is kept at around 35°-36° C, while in the summer it is cooled down to 33° C.
    Adjacent to the indoor pool is the “Emotion Zone” Spa: an intimate environment that includes a variety of experiences.

  • Guests will find the warmth of the Finnish sauna with windows and the Turkish bath; an outdoor water massage mineralized with magnesium and potassium, or the Kneipp path with alternating hot and cold water, for a beneficial effect on the body.
    Experiential showers with aromatherapy or chromotherapy, or for the more intrepid, an energizing icefall will complete this sensory journey.

  • The textile-on entrance (with bathing costume) to the Emotion Zone saunas is open every day from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm (access allowed from 14 years)

H2O3 Pool
The elegance of bubbles
  • Sinuous and welcoming, the H2O3 Pool is a second outdoor pool equipped with microbubbles of ozone, to help the guest feel the experience of floating amid the fizz, like in a glass of Champagne.

  • It is a small pool equipped with hydro massage and chromotherapy stations, which can be accessed from the reserved relaxation area adjacent to the indoor pool area.

  • The water temperature in this outdoor pool is always pleasant and is kept at around 35° -36° C, while in the summer it is cooled down to 33° C.

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