Food & Drink

A satisfying dining experience
The food & drinks proposal of the 5-star Hotel
in Montegrotto Terme.
A new way to enhance your holiday
at the Esplanade Tergesteo – Luxury Retreat

Pepita Restaurant
Elegant and innovative cuisine
  • The Pepita Restaurant is the perfect setting for an all-round sensory experience, made up of cuisine, culture and design.
    The gastronomic concept developed by our chef de cuisine reflects the desire to maintain a link with tradition, but elevating it with innovative nuances.
Gold Bar
Gold Bar: the ritual of good drinking
  • The Gold Bar is a sophisticated and refined open space within the spacious lobby.
    It is a space designed to accompany guests at any time of the day, but presents its best in the afternoon, offering meditation spirits, sparkling aperitifs and innovative cocktails, the result of the most advanced mixology and creativity of our bartenders.
The Gourmet Fast & Chic alternative
  • Open every day from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm. Located adjacent to the spa, it offers a fresh and relaxed fare, with a menu offering trend-setting dishes, but also quick and tasty snacks, fruit and vegetable juices or salads. You can enjoy then all while wrapped in the comfort of your bathrobe.