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Aesthetic medicine
Among the essentials for your beauty, you can take advantage of aesthetic medicine services thanks to our collaboration with specialized doctors.
A free initial consultation will allow you to understand the most suitable treatment for you for a result that is as natural and effective as possible.

Aesthetic Medicine
Hyaluronic acid-based filler

Anti-aging treatment for the correction of medium and deep wrinkles, which harmoniously restores volume and gives a toned and luminous appearance to the face.

Starting from € 500.00

Face, neck and cleavage rejuvenation

With hyaluronic acid and/or vitamin complexes. Anti-aging method that allows the delivery of active ingredients at the dermal level to promote cellular metabolism, increase skin tone and brightness.
The effect lasts from two to three months.

Starting from € 250.00


To reduce expression lines on the forehead, as well as crow’s feet in the eye area, and give the skin a relaxed, young and fresh appearance.
The effect is immediate and lasts for about four or five months.
Fifteen minutes before undergoing the session, it is necessary to apply an anesthetic cream all over the face.
Please ask for information at the desk when booking.

Starting from € 550.00

Needle-free skin biostimulation (PRX)

Areas that can be treated: face, neck, cleavage and hands.
It is carried out with mandelic acid; after three or four days, the treatment causes normal light peeling which indicates cell regeneration.
It can be repeated twice a week in the same area.

Starting from € 300.00

Non-surgical facelift

The treatment gives new elasticity to the facial tissues through the stimulation and formation of fibrosis.

Starting from € 600.00

Medical mesotherapy for cellulite and fat reduction

This medical treatment consists of an injection of small quantities of a pharmacological solution delivered via tiny needles into the subcutis.
The aim is to detoxify the body from excess waste as well as to eliminate water and tone the tissues.

Starting from € 150.00

Removal of skin spots and xanthelasma

Non-invasive treatment to eliminate dark spots and other blemishes.

Starting from € 250.00