Thermal care

The thermal mud of the Euganean spas is unique in its composition and therapeutic efficacy.
The maturation process of the thermal mud which, in contact with the hyper thermal salso-bromo-iodic water, sunlight and air, during a period of a few months, allows the progressive development of numerous microalgae.

In the Montegrotto spa, water, a fundamental element for life, becomes a means of muscle relaxation and soothing pain through balneotherapy.

It is also effective for relief and strong improvement of respiratory diseases through inhalation, that is, a nebulization of vapour micro particles.

Mud therapy combines the mineral component of water and its beneficial properties with mud enriched with active microorganisms, matured in a natural regeneration process.

The resulting thermal mud takes on scientifically proven therapeutic characteristics; spread by expert hands and respecting medical indications, it is an optimal treatment for the prevention and treatment of rheumatic and arthritic diseases.

The spa treatments can be carried out under an agreement with the Italian National Health Service: the guest can undergo mud therapy by presenting a medical referral prepared by their doctor for a single cycle per year; the payment of the ticket allows access to treatment for free.

The agreement with the National Health Service includes:

  • Medical examination for admission to mud therapy
  • 12 applications of mud
  • 12 baths in thermal water only

Any ozone supplements in the thermal bath and / or post mud therapy massages are at an additional charge.
Ozone supplement € 8.00

Thermal Packages
Esplanade Tergesteo: Prices
Bronze package
  • 1 Medical check up to undergo thermal treatments
  • 6 Applications of thermal mud
  • 6 Thermal ozone baths
  • 6 Post-mud massages (25 min.)

€ 550.00

Silver Package
  • 1 Medical check up to undergo thermal treatments
  • 10 Applications of thermal mud
  • 10 Thermal ozone baths
  • 10 Post-mud massages (25 min.)

€ 895.00

Gold Package
  • 1 Medical check up to undergo thermal treatments
  • 12 Applications of thermal mud
  • 12 Thermal ozone baths
  • 12 Post-mud massages (25 min.)

€ 1.050.00