Maison Sothys

Research and innovation at the Esplanade Tergesteo
Maison Sothys is an effective professional cosmetic solution, espousing the idea of responsible beauty, respectful of the skin and the environment.
Research and innovation are the key at the Esplanade Tergesteo, also thanks to the exclusive modelling technique, Digi-Esthétique®.
Beauty therapists, experts in sensorial experiences offer effective results and visible improvement even after a single treatment.

Maison Sothys
Soin professionale - The fundamental

Specific and innovative treatment for facial cleansing, the result is clean, smooth and radiant skin.
Suitable for all skin types, it includes a cleansing followed by a detoxifying scrub treatment with white clay and a stimulating peeling treatment with licorice to provide for cell renewal. If necessary, residual blackheads are delicately removed.
The treatment ends with an oxygenating mask with citrus and floral aromas that will make your complexion luminous.

50 min. € 85.00

Soin Detox Energie

Intensive treatment to give a vital breath to the skin by improving the physiological defenses in every environmental situation and protecting it from the effects of pollution that can accelerate skin aging. Suitable for all skin types, it leaves a regenerated face and a radiant, detoxified and revitalized complexion.
The Digi- Esthétique technique, consisting of massaging, makes the treatment very effective, pleasant and relaxing.

75 min. € 135.00

Soin hydra hyaluronic acid - Hydrating intensive Treatment

Intensive hydrating treatment for visibly firmer skin. The program starts with gentle facial cleansing followed by a scrub.
A restructuring serum prepares the skin for the application of a hydrating gel mask. Next, a hyaluronic acid modeling mask plumps the skin. Finally, the application of a nourishing Argan oil mask completes the treatment. While leaving the masks on, a massage will be performed to optimize the absorption of the ingredients.
Specific Digi-Esthétique touches will provide for relaxation and profound serenity.

75 min. € 135.00

Prescription jeunesse Sothys - eye contour

Sothys offers the right solution to support and strengthen the eye contour, for a rested and lively look. A treatment designed to reawaken the youth of the gaze, thanks to unique maneuvers and Sothys porcelain accessories.
To instantly recover a luminous and vital eye contour area.

50 min. € 85.00

Seasonal face treatment

A ritual that varies according to the rhythm of the seasons.
It is carried out with delicious notes: scrub, double mask and relaxing massage for revitalized and radiant skin. Enriched with energizing and vitamin-enhancing active ingredients, the Sothys seasonal treatment refreshes and recharges your face with new energy.

50 min. € 110.00

Soin jeunesse - Youth Intensive Treatment

An intensive treatment against the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.
The results are evident from the very first treatment, thanks to the saffron active ingredients that fight oxidative stress and the crystal tears extract which plumps the dermis and reactivates the proteins of youth. Specific serums treat skin blemishes, while masks firm the skin.
Thanks to a series of professional manual techniques, the face acquires new compactness and brightness.
A treatment recommended from the age of 30 for prevention and look younger even after just one session.

75 min. € 135.00

Soin secrets de Sothys - The excellence

The treatment par excellence for getting a hydrated, luminous and toned skin.
The ritual begins with a cloud of aromatherapy created by sponges vaporized with scented Eau de Linge. This is followed by a delicate make-up remover with velvety cream and a foamy scrub applied with the special exclusive Sothys brush that provides for deep cleansing.
During the ritual, serum, balm and cream based on rose extract, peach leaf and precious porcelain flower oil are used. A mask with an immediate lifting effect gives new light and clarity to the face complexion.
At the end, a final ice smoothing effect is obtained by using porcelain accessories combined with a skillful Digi-Esthétique massage.

75 min. € 155.00
130 min. € 255.00 – In combination with Secrets de Sothys, Body

Rituale secrets de Sothys - Body

For a multi-sensory treatment of authentic well-being, immerse yourself in a cloud of aromatherapy with vaporized sponges of scented Eau de Linge. A short muscle awakening with Digi-Esthétique skillful touches will relax you.
This is followed by a delicate body scrub with a texture enriched with exfoliating sugar grains, for leaving the skin smooth and smelling great.
Body modeling is performed by applying shea butter with floral and fruity notes and massaging the body using the specific Digi-Esthétique technique: the result will be nourished and softened skin.
It’s a multisensory ritual for an authentic moment of well-being.

50 min. € 135.00
130 min. € 255.00 In combination with Secrets de Sothys

Signature slimming treatment

A slimming program suitable for everyone that combines effective manual techniques with relaxation.
The core of the ritual is a targeted massage on the areas to be treated using a massage accessory created exclusively for Sothys; the boomerang-shaped Limoges porcelain accessory is inspired by Gua Sha and is designed to facilitate the beautician’s gestures as well as to enhance the effectiveness of her movements and make the massage more fluid.
The result is a more toned silhouette and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

50 min. € 105.00

Rituale Hanakasumi de Sothys

Hanakasumi is derived from the Japanese ritual bath ceremony.
It involves a double exfoliation during a sensorial escape perfumed with cherry blossom and lotus.
A gentle massage will be performed with shea butter giving an enveloping sensation, leaving the skin nourished, soft and silky.

50 min. € 115.00

Soin mousse triple actions

A complete slimming treatment which reduces the appearance of all types of cellulite and guarantees a new silhouette.
A slimming and exfoliating peeling will be performed; next, relax wrapped in a warm towel.
Then, specific serums will be applied on targetted areas, where needed, and modeled with vigorous and cupping movements.
This treatment has a high detoxifying action.

75 min. € 135.00

Soin visage essentiel - Specific facial treatment for men

It’s an essential facial to stimulate and detoxify as well as to combine relaxation with effectiveness to get more resistant and flawless skin. An energizing cleansing of the face and neck is followed by a scrub and a relaxing massage that’s performed on the scalp by using a revitalizing volcanic stone extract lotion.
The application of a light hydrating anti-aging serum, gently massaged into the skin, prepares for the application of a tailor-made
facial mask. For maximum comfort, it is advisable not to shave before treatment.

50 min. € 105.00

Soin signature minceur - specific body treatment for men

It’s a body treatment to model the silhouette and improve the physical appearance. An exfoliating, decongestant and draining scrub with citrus and musky scents is applied with wet hands and the back and the abdomen are massaged.
A relaxing break follows while you are wrapped in the electric blanket. After taking a shower, the body modeling procedure will be carried out with highly concentrated slimming products such as light emulsions that are massaged by using specific techniques.
It’s a shock-action treatment for getting visible results from the very first application, it helps regain the ideal shape.

50 min. € 105.00