The exclusive “Adults Only” spa 16+
In our lives, moments of silence are increasingly rare,
so they are all the more precious.
This is why the RoofTop54 was designed, a unique location of its kind, thanks to a privileged position,
to give well-being a new dimension.

Salt Water Pool
The panoramic “Adults only” spa of
Esplanade Tergesteo - Luxury Retreat
  • The undisputed queen of the RoofTop54 area is the saltwater pool with the iconic central fireplace overlooking the rolling Euganean Hills: these features will envelop guests in a dreamlike atmosphere, far from the stresses of everyday life.

  • The water temperature changes with the seasons, for pleasant cooling during the summer and a warm immersion in the colder seasons.
    The different whirlpool stations offer that extra bit of pampering.
    On the adjacent panoramic terrace and the indoor relaxation rooms, comfortable daybeds allow you to relax and enjoy the view from a higher perspective.
    Entrance to the RoofTop54 area is allowed from the age of 16 and is possible every day from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Sauna area adults only
Textile-free sauna
  • The RoofTop54 sauna is a textilefree (nude) area according to the Nordic tradition.
    The spacious panoramic Finnish sauna hosts frequent Aufguss rituals, where you can immerse yourself in steam baths accompanied by music and fragrances of essential oils.

  • A Turkish bath with thermal vapours, infrared sauna, experiential showers with aroma and chromotherapy and the intriguing dark room complete the overall experience, transporting the guest into a dimension detached from reality, to regenerate body and mind.
    On the terrace there is a plunge pool of cold water for a beneficial post-sauna reaction, to complete the session.
    Entry to the textile-free RoofTop54 sauna area is possible every day from 1:30 pm.

Relaxation Areas
Fire and wood to chill out
  • Fire is the element that accompanies rest in the various relaxation areas of the RoofTop54, while the wooden furniture offers fragrance to the environment and envelops you like a natural blanket.
    The room of Silence, as the name suggests, is an environment for a “digital detox”, where the only sound will be silence, alternating with the crackling of wood in the fireplace.

  • On some occasions, this room is transformed into a location to listen to melodic rituals with harp, Tibetan and crystal bells, for a mystical and all-encompassing experience.
    In the different rooms, the enveloping beds and water mattresses will lull you into deep abandonment.

  • Entrance to the RoofTop54 area is allowed from the age of 16 and is possible every day from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm