Pepita Restaurant
The gourmet restaurant of Esplanade Tergesteo
Elegant innovation in cuisine

The space seamlessly combines golden hues of the extraordinary lighting design with the warmth of the wood-burning fireplace, the brilliance of the marble tables and the unique element of local vines in the winter garden.

  • This is the ideal place to relax and take time to savour a gourmet breakfast or dinner.
    The elegance of the environment is in perfect harmony with the offerings from the menu.

  • All the pleasure of authentic Italian recipes culminate in cuisine that is a thoughtful blend of local tradition, national culture and international influences.
    Each dish draws on the legacy of the great regional or national classics, elevated with originality, to offer something different and unexpected every day.

  • Dress code: we kindly request smart casual or elegant attire in the dining room.

Food Experience: from long breakfast to gourmet dinner
Between tradition and innovation
  • The Pepita Restaurant is open from 7.30 to 11.30 every morning to offer a long and pleasant awakening to our guests.
    Enter to the aroma of fragrant creations from the pastry chef, baked every morning, and different food stations offer a wide range of selectins for a delicious breakfast, always full and varied.
    The show cooking corner offers a variety of egg-based dishes or fluffy pancakes.
    Breakfast becomes brunch.

  • In the evening, you can choose from two dinner proposals: the menu linked to half board, updated daily, is flanked by a second à la carte menu to enhance and add that “extra touch” to your culinary experience.

Wine selection
The scent of memories
  • Enjoy a leisurely browse through our excellent wine list: the rich assortment of wines ranges from renowned local wineries to the great champagne from beyond the Alps, and on to the classics from all over Italy.

  • The exclusive “OEnotheque” offers bottles of rare artistry.
    The Maitre Sommelier is available to all guests to suggest the best pairings for each dish, to enhance the flavour and experience.

  • Download here our Wine Selection.

Health and wellness at the table
The perfect match between taste and health
  • For those who decide to undertake an alkaline path, detox or a personalized diet, the dishes provided by the nutritional regime will be prepared especially for you, thanks to the close collaboration between the diet specialists and the kitchen staff.

  • For those who have particular allergies, needs or eating habits, we recommend that you notify us at the time of booking.