Beauty hi-tech

Beauty hi-tech at Esplanade Tergesteo – Luxury Retreat
The technology of the Esplanade Tergesteo wellness center at the service of beauty with specific aesthetic treatments.

Beauty High-tech
Face Oxygen treatment

The treatment includes a facial cleansing, a peeling and a mask with a final massage.
A new and innovative system for oxygenating and regenerating face, neck and cleavage skin.
Fast, efficient and gentle with natural and long-lasting results, which are already visible from the first session.
This technologic equipment stimulates the oxygenation of tissues and blood circulation giving luminosity to the skin.

€ 120.00 (50 min. )
3 treatments (50 min. each) € 330.00

Cavitation with lymphodraining massage

The cavitation is a new fat removal and non-invasive technique with an immediate result: it delivers further additional fat reduction within the week following the procedure. This technology uses an ultrasound technique.
For a greater effectiveness it is completed with a lymphodraining massage.
The treatment is painless.

€ 120.00 (50 min.)

Facial Radiofrequency

It is about stimulating your own collagen production; this non-surgical technology is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening.

€ 120.00 (50 min.)
3 treatments (50 min. each) € 330.00

Body Radiofrequency

The radiofrequency is a technique that takes advantage from electromagnetic waves to restore skin elasticity; it is suitable to reduce swelling, fight cellulite and create tone to the skin. It is painless and very relaxing.

€ 120.00 (50 min.) It is carried out with a specific serum and a final massage
3 treatments (50 min. cad.) € 330.00