Benessere corpo & Lakshmi Selection

Body treatments and Lakshmi Selection

Expert hands and deep meanings

Massages and body treatments that give off the enchantment of a combination of distant traditions and cultures that are re-interpreted to valorize their rituality

A staff dedicated to the guest’s wellbeing with a special and discreet attention to the needs of the body and mind.

Benessere Corpo e Lakshmi Selection

Aromatic relax massage

The therapist opens the localized blocks that prevent the energy flow from circulating freely, eliminating all muscular tension.
It is carried out with warm aromatic oil.


Min. 25    € 58,00
Min. 50    € 80,00

If carried out in couple a € 15,00 surcharge per person is needed.

Hypertonic massage

A classic relaxing body massage carried out with a deep and intense touch.


Min. 25    € 58,00
Min. 50    € 80,00

Candle massage

This massage is a sensory experience that pampers the person with smells and the heat developed by the cosmetic candle.
Very relaxing, the skin of the body will be deeply moisturized.


Min. 50   € 90,00

Hot stone

It is a massage with an extraordinary relaxing effect, performed with warm oils and basal stones placed on specific energy points.


Min. 50 € 90,00


Cold stone

It is performed with cold stones and a fresh cream. It involves only the legs and gives an immediate sense of lightness and well-being. It is suitable during summer or with hot temperatures.


Min. 25 € 60,00

Lomi Lomi

This massage comes from Hawaii and consists in various movements carried out with the forearms, acting deeply on the muscles and connective fascia. It has a significant decontracting, draining and anti-stress effect.


Min. 50    € 90,00


This Japanese treatment involves stretching and a range of pressures with the fingers, the entire arm, the palm of the hands, elbows, feet and knees on specific points of the body to reactivate the energy flow and restore balance body, obtaining important analgesic effects.
It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing.


Min. 50   € 90,00


It is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, Indian ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures. There is constant body contact between the giver and the receiver, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. The aim is to relax, relieve muscle and joint pain and temporarily boost client’s mood.
It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing


Min. 50 € 90,00

Anti-cellulite Massage

A massage which really works to have toned and smooth legs without orange peel effect.
It is suitable in combination with the Cavitation treatment.


Min. 50   € 85,00


Complete massage on the entire body customized in accordance with the individual dosha, using warm oil enriched with pure essential oils. The massage aims at harmonizing the vital energies improving the circulation of the blood, eliminating toxins and increasing the status of physical and mental well-being.


Min. 50 € 90,00

Shiro Abhyanga

ShiroAbhyanga is an ayurvedic massage of the head that creates sweet relaxation and provides deep relaxation while eliminating nervous tensions. The head massage starts with soft movements on the spine which is warmed and stimulated and then reaches the shoulders and neck.


Min. 50 € 85,00

Pada Abhyanga

The foot massage is very pleasant and relaxing and is a good way to release tension; it is performed with warm oil enriched with essential oils.


Min. 50 € 85,00


Shirodara is the most sensitive and deepest practice among the ayurvedic treatments: it relaxes the body with an initial abhyanga massage and release the mind thanks to a thin oil thread from temple to temple in a steady stream. This treatment is a wonderful journey of well-being, suitable to dissolve emotional blocks or tensions.


Min. 80 € 140,00


The Pindasweda is a warm and pleasant treatment from the ayurvedic medicine. The warm pads filled with natural herbs and spices relax the body and the muscles dissolving tension and pain.


Min. 50 € 90,00

3 Treatments € 250,00


Garshan - Draining effect

Treatment with osmotic mud, essential oils of ruscus exctract, cypress and ginger. The massage is strong and has a draining and decongestant effect. The treatment is in combination with a purifying steam bath, called Swedana, during which a sweet cuddle to the face will relax you even more.


Min. 80 € 140,00

3 Treatments € 380,00


Kapha - Slimming effect

This treatment contrasts the toughest cellulite with its deep and total body technique. The metabolism is stimulated by spicy essential oils and citrus; a particular osmotic mud will be applied on the body before doing a purifying steam bath called Swedana. During the steam bath a sweet cuddle to the face will relax you even more.


Min. 80 € 140,00

3 Treatments € 380,00

Udara- Against swelling abdominal problems

It consists on a deep massage on the stomach with the use of vegetable oil, osmotic mud and specific essential oils.
The treatment fights against swelling problems and is suitable in presence of a irritable colon. It is carried out in combination
with a purifying steam bath, called Swedana, during which a sweet cuddle to the face will relax you even more


Min. 50 € 90,00

3 Treatments € 245,00


Art Reum - To treat backaches

It is a specific massage to treat backaches and is carried out with essential oils for a relaxing effect: it acts on the reflex points of the spine to give total well-being. The treatment is in combination with a purifying steam bath, called Swedana, during which a sweet cuddle to the face will relax you even more.


Min. 50 € 90,00

3 Treatments € 245,00



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