Time to bloom!
Spring is coming and our territory is awakening: between seasonal openings, cultural events, and lush nature, the Paduan territory is rich in opportunities and occasions to fully enjoy the spring climate and landscapes.

Spring is coming and our territory is awakening: between seasonal openings, cultural events, and lush nature, the Paduan territory is rich in opportunities and occasions to fully enjoy the spring climate and landscapes.

Spring is coming and our territory is awakening: between seasonal openings, cultural events, and lush nature, the Paduan territory is rich in opportunities and occasions to fully enjoy the spring climate and landscapes.

Villas, castles and gardens on the Euganean Hills

Let’s start our journey by exploring the villas of the Euganean Hills, authentic treasures just a few kilometers from our hotel:

  • Villa dei Vescovi, the window to the Euganean Hills, in Luvigliano di Torreglia: about 7 km from our hotel, this sixteenth-century villa stands out on a small hill. The hills frame it while from the terrace, the view extends towards the plain.
  • Catajo Castle in Battaglia Terme, 6 km from the hotel. With its frescoed halls, the garden of delights, the 40-hectare park, Catajo is a unique dwelling that over time has been a princely villa and military accommodation, a literary salon, and an imperial palace.
  • Garden of Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio: 10 km from our hotel. The park extends over nine hectares with a symbolic path that leads to salvation among sculptures, fountains, ponds, and water features. Lose yourself (and find yourself) in the famous vegetal labyrinth, the oldest boxwood maze in the world.

This year also sees the return of the Excellence Ticket: just go to the ticket office of one of these places and request this discounted ticket, which includes three single entrances, valid for 6 months from purchase.

New this year is the synergy created between Villa Selvatico in Battaglia Terme and Monselice Castle: by presenting the entrance ticket of one structure at the ticket office of the other, you will receive a small discount on the entrance ticket.

  • Villa Selvatico stands on a small hill in the countryside. Distinctive features include its dome with the compass rose, the staircase of 144 steps, the park with sulphurous water ponds: it’s truly a gem to add to your to-do list!
  • Monselice Castle boasts an interesting history, composed of various buildings, majestic rooms, and is also a way to discover the entire historic center of the town.

Let’s go out!

For those who love outdoor walks, the spectacle of almond trees in bloom on Monte Fasolo is undoubtedly not to be missed.

Not only trees, but breathtaking views can be enjoyed from various points of the Euganean Hills, reachable by car but also by the numerous trails that can be walked or cycled.

From nature to culture, the step is short.

The exhibition in Padua on the impressionists continues: “From Monet to Matisse. French Moderns, 1850–1950”, tells of one of the most fascinating centuries in art history, when artists moved away from academic artistic tradition to focus on subjects of everyday life.

Moving to Rovigo, we will find France again, but with an exhibition on Toulouse Lautrec. His paintings, pastels, drawings, and posters will welcome visitors until June 30, 2024, at Palazzo Roverella. More than 200 works tell the story of the great French artist and the fin de siècle in Paris.

The territory of Padua and its province offers endless opportunities for those who love nature, culture, or simply wish to experience new things. Let yourself be enchanted by the springtime beauty of our region!

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