Health and Wellness Paths

Personalized Esplanade Tergesteo wellness programmes.
Every person is unique, so each programme is created and adapted to the needs of the individual.
Guests will feel listened to and cared for in a personalized journey, the benefits of which will continue over time,
even after returning home.

Health and Wellness Paths
Detox program

Lighten and purify your body by revitalizing your liver, cleansing it of toxins thanks to a natural but effective method.

Constant monitoring by a competent and attentive staff will complement a diet tailored to your needs.

The Detox programme includes:

  • Interview with the specialist for the preparation of a personalized diet
  • Medical check up to undergo thermal treatments
  • 5 liver detox mud applications and thermal ozone bath with deep detox effect
  • 3 lymph draining massages (50 min.)
  • 5 post-mud visceral treatments (50 min.)
  • Kit with two purifying products: a Depur Digest herbal tea and a Udara herbal tea to help eliminate waste from the body, giving a feeling of physical lightness.
  • End-of-course consultation to continue at home

Per person € 1.250,00

Wellness & Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a relatively recent ailment from which there is no cure at this time.

However, it is possible to manage pain through an unconventional and completely natural treatment: a synergy between the spa experience, utilizing the properties of the salso-bromoiodic waters, and physical rehabilitation exercises.

The constant heat of the thermal water and mud, their ability to retain heat and transmit it to your body, promotes muscle relaxation and a significant and lasting decrease in pain.

The Wellness & Fibromyalgia trial includes:

  • Medical check-up for diagnosis
  • Medical check up to undergo thermal treatments
  • Global Postural Assessment
  • 6 mud applications and thermal ozone bath with deep detox effect
  • 6 myofascial massages (50 min.)
  • 2 cranio-sacral therapy (50 min.)
  • 3 plantar reflexology sessions (50 min.)
  • 3 hydro kinesis therapies (45 min.)
  • Meeting with medical staff for mid-course evaluation

Per person € 1,700.00

Alkaline path

Incorrect habits negatively affect the general well-being of the body. Physical and emotional stress, poor diet or a sedentary lifestyle are the cause of acidosis.

This programme aims to restore the balance and the right pH of the body through a correct basic diet, with spa and therapeutic treatments.

The alkaline programme includes:

  • Naturopathic and osteopathic assessment with tailor-made programme of alkaline diet, well-being treatments, pH exam and assistance during the stay
  • Medical check up to undergo thermal treatments
  • 1 alkaline product: BASIC PLUS SUGAR FREE, composed of natural ingredients, helps purify the body from excess acid waste that our body is unable to eliminate independently
  • 1 Softness (50 min.) – body scrub to prepare the skin for subsequent treatments
  • 6 natural mud applications with thermal ozone bath with deep detox effect
  • 6 post-mud muscle massages (25 min.) to reactivate micro blood circulation
  • 6 inhalations with thermal water to detox the airways
  • 3 lymph draining body massages (50 min.)
  • Final examination with consultancy and tips on how to maintain and continue the programme at home

Per person € 1.230,00