Cocktail and personality: everyone has their own drink
An intriguing game of combinations allows you to discover the perfect drink for each palate, a celebration of the common saying "tell me what you drink and I'll tell you who you are", in order to achieve a highly personalized toast.

Cocktails can be defined as “combinations of the art of mixing” which, almost magically, reveal some unmistakable traits of one’s way of being, telling, sip after sip, the different facets of one’s personality.

Sipping a cocktail is a real tasting experience, thanks to the intertwining of aromas and flavors.

Cocktails can be defined as “combinations of the art of mixing” which, almost magically, reveal some unmistakable traits of one’s way of being, telling, sip after sip, the different facets of one’s personality.

An intriguing game of combinations allows you to discover the perfect drink for each palate, a celebration of the common saying “tell me what you drink and I’ll tell you who you are”, in order to achieve a highly personalized toast.

Among the numerous proposals of our Gold Bar, 8 cocktails stand out (whether the traditional ones or reinterpreted by us) to combine with as many personalities and discover the winning combination.

You just have to find out – or rather, sip – your perfect match.

“La fraise” Spritz
Suitable for a friendly and carefree personality
The icon of the Italian and international aperitif, Spritz means sharing and conviviality, thanks to its lively color and unmistakable freshness and fizz.
“Le Fraise“ Spritz is a cocktail that combines Luxardo White Bitter liquor infused with Fresh Strawberries and an unmistakable Prosecco D.O.C.G wine from Conegliano (Valdobbiadene).
It matches the friendly and carefree personality of a socialite always ready to go out with friends and toast to new things.
It’s an instant boost of energy and boldness.

Legend of Tergesteo
Suitable for a magnetic and seductive personality
The “Legend of Tergesteo” is a bewitching and decisive drink, balanced in taste, which intertwines the scents of Carpano Rosso Vermouth, Campari flavored with coffee beans and Gin Roby Marton “Cold Compound”.
It’s completed by a decisive touch of “Laurus” Spray Parfum of the essential oils of bay leaves from Arqua’ Petrarca, the ancient and wonderful medieval hamlet on the Euganean Hills.
Born from our research and processing of excellent “Made in Italy” products and inspired by Count Camillo Negroni, who determined its success, the cocktail is famous all over the world and is capable of conquering even the most cosmopolitan and demanding palates; it matches the personalities endowed with a fascinating pride, magnetic and seductive, in the sign of that vibrant “red passion”!

Americano Gagliardo
Suitable for a classy and decisive personality.
Ordered by the charming James Bond in the famous film Casino Royale, the Americano stands out for its enveloping balance of flavors and the captivating bright color that gives the cocktail an explosion of taste, thanks to the hints of our own Spiced Red Vermouth and Bitter “Taurus”, enriched with a fresh splash of Cherry Soda.
A blend with a surprising charge and an iconic stage presence, perfect for an elegant and determined personality who boasts an innate taste for all that is refined and shows great endurance in achieving their goals.

Gold & Tonic
Suitable for a charming and bold personality
Seductive Gin Tonic, with a floral scent that encloses the elegance of Homemade “Gold Bar” Gin, a London Dry with a citrus and spicy bouquet, unique and enveloping on the palate, so soft and delicate as to be appreciated, even by those who are not fond of gin.
“Gold & Tonic” contains the exclusive London Dry-based Gin Tonic, in which the juniper scents of the distillate combine with fruit and oriental spices, and the Perfumed Tonic, intertwining the softness of the liquid with a character that can’t be unnoticed, just like the charming and daring personalities, with a proactive and energetic attitude who love to stand out, sipping this blend served in the special Copa Glass!

Messico e Nuvole (Mexico and Clouds)
Suitable for a creative and curious personality
The scents, colors and flavors of the most authentic Mexico are enclosed within this cocktail with the amber colors typical of a breathtaking sunset in the Jalisco region.
“Mexico and Clouds” embodies the spirit of that country with a multifaceted soul, with its drinkable and exotic taste that combines the famous local distillate, Tequila Silver Patron, with the smoky and soft notes of Mezcal Espadin Montelobos, the agave syrup flavored in house with Cardamom, lime juice and the legendary “Peychaud’s Bitter”.
An irresistibly fresh combination, perfect for the most creative and curious personalities who love to experiment and let themselves be guided by a free and dynamic spirit, like the most surprising soul of Tequila, perfect for this excellent blending.

Coco Fashioned
Suitable for an authentic and decisive personality
Among the most famous drinks that ride the wave of American Cocktails, the Old Fashioned is a true legend.
Decisive and aromatic on the palate, this blend, appreciated and sipped all over the world, contains a uniqueness of scents, made special by the unmistakable taste of “Coco” Bourbon that makes the cocktail special, thanks to its vanilla notes, oak wood and orange that blend with sugar and Chocolate Bitter “Truth”, for an intense and elegant result.
A celebration of authenticity that perfectly meets the taste of an authentic and decisive personality who seeks, even in their cocktails, the spontaneity of decisive, but enveloping and unmistakable flavors, with a timeless taste.

Peaky Blinder
Suitable for a sophisticated and independent personality
An enveloping and citrusy cocktail, soft and fresh on the palate that reveals its intense soul, sip after sip.
The “Peaky Blinder” offers a refined drinking experience, thanks to the heady combination of the notes of Maker’s Mark Bourbon and Brugal Riserva 1888 Rum intertwined with the acidity of fresh lemon juice and a touch of sugar and Stillabunt Magic Velvet, which are skillfully smoked to give the Drink the “Peaky” character.
A surprising blend, appreciated by sophisticated and independent personalities who seek a continuous sense of refinement and experimentation in their life and want to toast to countless experiences.

Suitable for a cool and outgoing personality
The Moscowskaya is a cocktail born in the 1940’s and, at our Gold Bar, it has been completely “reinterpreted”.
Ginger and Ginger beer give the Homemade Madagascar Vanilla Infused Vodka an intense sensation of freshness, pleasantly pungent on the palate that meets the exotic touch given by Maracuja puree.
Moscowskaya reveals itself as a lively and sparkling blend, to be sipped as an aperitif or as a regenerating after dinner drink, perfect for conquering a cool and outgoing personality, capable of bewitching anyone.
Free spirits, always looking for new and captivating experiences, amiable chatterers and admirers of the latest trends, the Moscowskaya is the perfect cocktail for an intoxicating toast at the last sip.

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